Sunday, August 18, 2013

Final day of vacation

 I made good use of my last day of vacation.  I finished up the college quilt for my daughter, all it needed was the binding, which I couldn't find since I got the quilting machine.  I moved the fabric and couldn't remember where I put it.  While quilting the bottom two quilts this morning, I cleaned up a bit and found the fabric.

 I love the quilting design on this quilt.  I purchased this one here, at for $5.  This is the first design I bought and I know I will use it a lot.  I can't believe how expensive quilt designs are.  I have to learn how to use the design program that came with my machine.  The lady purchased it for $1,000.  It's called QBOT and can't be that hard to understand.  I just need time to try it out.

 I was able to quilt these two guys this morning while cleaning up,  I tried out a new pattern that I wanted to use on the quilt for a 16 year old who has cancer.
You can see that there are words written all over, love, courage, perseverance, family, hope, faith.  Words that I hope encourage her to fight and get stronger.  I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow and get it in the mail this week.

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