Sunday, August 4, 2013

Solano County Fair

My daughter and I went to the fair yesterday and I got to pet an alligator.  The lady said it was 25 years old.  Just a tiny thing.  I think I could have one as a pet!

My daughter won first place for her Cat in the Hat quilt.  It really bugs me how they display quilts at the fair.  There were two kid quilts they bunched up like this where you couldn't see the quilt.  They had the adult quilts all hung up or laid out nicely, but the kid ones were displayed like this.  So weird.  The final time I entered an afghan in the fair, they used it as a table cloth and put food all over it.  Nope, not going to do that again.  They wonder why they don't get a lot of entries.  People put a lot of time into their work and then they don't take the time to display the work well,  It is frustrating for the person making the items.  This is my daughter's last year as a youth and my boys show no interest in entering anything so it will probably be our last year going to the fair.  We went, spent 30 minutes walking around and were done.  We don't do the food or the rides or games.  We walked through the vendor area and didn't sign up for any free stuff (or the endless phone calls you get) and looked at the crafty displays and animals all in under 30 minutes.  My daughter said she felt bad that we were done so quickly, but it is a very small fair.  $10 for parking and $10 for fair entry (she got a free ticket for entering things) and they wonder why nobody wants to come to the fair.  When she was little, we did 4H and would spend the whole week at the fair showing guinea pigs and rabbits and watching the other animals, but those days are long gone.  I did see some of the other kids from 4 H there and they are all grown up now too.  Time flies.

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