Thursday, August 8, 2013

did I really do 4 quilts today?

 wow, I must have felt guilty for playing with another quilting machine!  I didn't realize I actually quilted 4 little quilts today, 2 this morning and 2 this evening after quilt day.  These guys are quick.  I do love my quilting machine, and even though I'm drooling over a fancy, robotic machine, I love how quick my machine can barrel through these quick quilts.  It is perfect for quilts in the 72 inch and under size and I really do need to appreciate it for all its done for me.  I'm not sure I could give it up if I did get a bigger and better machine.  I wonder if I could keep two machines running and still have room for my family :)  I had better stick with the little guy for the time being, unless of course that powerball happens to fall into my lap and I can build my dream studio on the side of the house.  Hey, what good are dreams if you can't dream big?

Man, the wind is so strong, it feels like we are having an earthquake!

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