Saturday, December 20, 2014

My girls are home and school has ended

These last three days have been insane!  No time to quilt, no time to think, no time to post!

My girls got home on Thursday, one came from St. Louis and the other from Los Angeles, both flying into Sacramento a couple of hours apart.  This week was finals week and I got finished with school early, but that didn't mean I was finished working early.

I left school on Thursday early to pick them both up, but there was still lots of work to do.  Finals are both mentally and physically draining for students and teachers!  Being quiet for 4 hours is the hardest thing ever, especially for me.  I don't like not knowing what's going on in the heads of teenagers.  If they are quiet, they are up to trouble.

We rewrote the final exam for Biology this year (not my idea) and there were 15 questions that were just terrible.  They either had no right answer or two right answers or the question was so confusing that the kids couldn't answer it because they had no idea what it was asking.  I had written the last final exam by myself about 5 years ago, so had no interest in writing this one and pretty much stayed out of the whole process.  I do a lot around there, setting up and cleaning up most of the labs that everyone else does and another teacher who thought he could make the final exam better took the lead.  Well, he ran out of time and after I stepped in to help, he decided he didn't like the questions I came up with, so changed them and those were the ones that were really bad.  So, we ended up throwing out those 15 questions and curving the final in the end after some heated discussions.  It's just really draining to have to argue your point, even if you win in the end.

I had to scoot out of there yesterday to pick up my youngest from school, so have to get back there to clean up my mess some time over break.  I'm thinking of going today because I also left some papers that I need to grade.  Too many things to do and not enough time to get them all done.  Story of my life.

But, now the fun begins!

This morning, I'm hiding out, eating cake and cookies that were given to me by a student, for breakfast so I don't wake up sleeping people because when children left home, beds were put up and now there are people sleeping on the couch.  Oh, the sacrifices I make for my family. :)  Truly a mother's love!  At least the cookies had oatmeal and the cake had pumpkin in it.  I got a couple of important nutrients.

Hopefully there will be quilt pictures coming soon, and for sure some family pictures too.

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All the best for the holiday season.xx