Monday, December 29, 2014

Kitchen Towel Christmas Presents

Here's where I purchased these kitchen towels I embroidered on for Christmas presents this year.  I have recently fallen in love with Redwork on my embroidery machine and ordered a couple of different designs.  My son works at the Western Railway Museum and I made these for his bosses as presents.  I love that they stitch up in about five minutes each and are cute when finished.  I am hoping I can find some fabric so I can make my own towels, but if not, it's really nice to throw a finished towel on the machine and in five minutes have a finished present ready to gift.  You can customize them for each recipient with whatever design you want and there are a lot of free embroidery designs out there on the internet.  Who doesn't need a new kitchen towel?  Plus, these come with a hanging hoop too.  Super cute!

The museum had a big party on Saturday for New Year's, celebrating 1943 (not exactly sure the significance of that year) and there was a huge crowd.  They had games and puzzles and cake and a countdown to the 'New Year' at noon with ringing of the train bells (my son got to do that part) and it was pretty wild for a bunch of old timers.  My son had a blast playing jacks with the little kids and helping them put the puzzle together.  He is an old soul in a young body and really gets along best with little kids or much older people.  we had to head out there to bring him his jacket.  He was working outside in the car barn all day and it was COLD.  The girls and I spent the day Thrift Store Shopping, our favorite thing  to do.  We found lots of great treasures at 50% off and had a great time together.  I miss having them around during the year.

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