Friday, December 26, 2014

I don't understand girls who like football.

31 of 45

Is that horribly sexist of me?  My son's girlfriend's mom LOVES the 49ers, a local football team. I just don't get it.  I mean, guys running around chasing after an egg shaped ball for a couple of hours just doesn't hold any interest for me, but then I can't sit and watch golf without falling asleep or baseball without getting up after five minutes to get a snack either.  My dad was never into sports so I guess it never got ingrained in me that you should sit on the couch all day Sunday afternoon watching things like that.

But when my son came home and asked me to make an apron for his girlfriend's mom, I jumped at the chance to make another quilt.  Oh, wait, you said apron?  Well, I don't sew clothing items, surely she would love a quilt much better right?  Sitting on the couch all day gets cold.  So, I started making this quilt and then he asked me again for the apron, saying that's what she really wanted.  But, I had already started the quilt after spending more than $50 on the fabric for it.  There was no way I was just going to let this one become a UFO (unfinished object).

So, I got the sheet at Target and finished it today, only a day late for Christmas.  I hope she likes it as I am rather pleased with it.  Even though I don't have any feelings one way or the other towards the team, I do like the colors and would keep it for myself if she felt strongly that she didn't want a quilt :)  I do have another friend who is also strangely in love with this team and even goes to games.  I could think of several things I'd rather do with my time, like poke my eye out with a sharp stick, but to each his own.

As long as I can keep making beautiful quilts and giving them away, I'm a happy girl.


Sue Niven said...

I am with you on the sports thing! I don't understand it either! Love the colours though!

Connie said...

I like to watch football. But I normally have handwork going while I watch - a binding to stitch to the back, or knitting are what I'll usually be working on.

barbara woods said...

me either!!!! only enjoy it when one of my grands are playing