Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An easy and beautiful quilt

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This quilt was made by my adopted daughter Jenny.  She's become quite the prolific quilter as of late.  Once she found out how easy it was to sew straight lines, she really took off.  Her mom (I didn't really adopt her, she just practically lived at my house all through high school and college so I call her my adopted daughter and tell the kids at school she's mine) made all of her dresses for piano recitals and her sister's dance costumes.  She is an amazing pianist and her sister is an amazing dancer.

This quilt is super easy to make, but really looks great.  The pieces are cut at 4 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches and then just sewn into blocks.  You can use as many different prints as you want and is a great scrap buster.  Of course, Jenny has a great eye for color and picked out 5 colors for this quilt.  She was going to make a Take 5 quilt at first and then decided to do something different.  This is another Christmas gift she's finishing up.  I have one more I'm working on for her.  I love being able to quilt things for other people without the stress of having a deadline.

Today is a rainy day and I'm switching between grading papers (yes, I procrastinated all week-it's Saturday) and quilting and eating leftovers.

My son tore his room apart last night and in the move his desk broke.  He has plans for me to go out and get him a new desk.  I'm only going out if it stops raining.  Kids don't plan for things like rain and buying big, bulky things like a desk.  He knew if he tried to move his old desk it was literally going to fall apart, but he just had to move everything around in his room.  He likes to change things up and when he decided to clean his room, he really wanted it clean.  I just thought taking all the trash out would have been good enough, but what do I know?


jirons42 said...

I love her color scheme

Farm Quilter said...

Great colors on the quilt! You mean he can't rebuild his desk and make it even better?? Have fun shopping when it's dry out there!!