Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A lovely walk

 Since my quilting machine is broken, I have more time for other things.  I'm learning to be patient, which is a hard lesson for me.  My son went in to the robotics room yesterday and asked if they could make me the cord I needed to fix the machine and they weren't too eager to help out.  Seems that when they need a curtain sewn, or bumpers made for their robot, it needs to be done today, but if the situation is turned around, three weeks from now seems reasonable.  So, I asked on my quilting machine Yahoo group and they pointed me to a place online where I could buy the cable I need and now I wait patiently, or not so much for the part to come in the mail.  In the meantime, I will take a walk.
 We have this open field, which won't last much longer as they are building houses on it now, next to my house.  There are cows grazing and it makes for a really nice way to get out of the city and away from the hustle and bustle and slow down for a minute.  My daughter brought her little dog with her and he was having the best time smelling everything.  He ran out of pee about half way through the walk, but that didn't stop him from lifting his leg on every tuft of grass.  My younger dog has learned to stop at every puddle and refill her pee reserve to make it all the way through the walk.  She's a funny one as my daughter's dog would follow her around, sniffing everything she sniffed and making sure he didn't miss anything she had discovered.  It seemed like she would try to trick him into looking at something so she could go the other way to find the 'real' good smells and he would miss something.
It was a gorgeous afternoon and nice time to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  The beautiful green grass this time of year is so welcome.  I know many of you are having beautiful white snow, which would be fun too, but I'm happy not to have to shovel that stuff.  I'll take a bit of rain now and then and have to pay the higher prices here in Northern California for everything from gas to groceries to not have to deal with slipping and sliding around when I drive.  Snow days off of school would be nice though.  Looks like today will be another nice day and once everyone wakes up, maybe I can get them all outside to enjoy the day.

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