Friday, December 5, 2014

beautiful music quilt

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My friend Christine made this beautiful music quilt for the Community concert band fundraiser.  Even my husband loves this one and commented how our son would really like a quilt like this.  I think it is really funny how he has really taken an interest in the quilts that are on the machine lately.  He's even 'liking' them on my facebook page.  This one will go up for silent auction on December 9, the date of the next concert.

I have a second quilt I'm working on with a snowflake music theme that she also did a great job on.  We are teaming up on the next round of quilts as well.  I purchased 12 yards of music themed fabric and she has agreed to make a quilt or two out of it.  Then, I will quilt them up and give them back to her for binding.  It's nice to have friends who share your interests and who can tag team with you.  It's also cool that my son likes hanging out with 'older' people and doesn't mind being the go between to pass these quilts back and forth for us.  He's a pretty cool teenager.  He likes the older people better because they don't teal with all the drama and stupid stuff kids his age are into.  He's so ready to graduate and get on to college.  I hope he isn't disappointed to find that college kids aren't quite grown up yet.

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