Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Drug Tested

So I got a phone call from my doctor's office on Thursday telling me I had to go in to get a urine test before she would refill my pain med (Acetaminophen and codeine) that I take for my migraines.  I refill it about every 6 weeks and haven't ever had to do something like that before but I do have to go in to get blood tests for a couple of the other medicines I take so figured that since she is a new doctor maybe she had some new test she wanted to run.  Silly me.  She was drug testing me!

Well, I didn't get the results back, so I started to get a little suspicions and sent her an email on Saturday to my doctor asking what the urine test was about.  I finally heard back from her today that yes, indeed it was a drug test.

She blamed it on new regulations for all patients with chronic pain that they have to get tested once a year and come see the doctor every six months.  Well, she doesn't check her calendar because I just saw her four months ago.  I was so furious that she tricked me into getting a drug test that I wrote her back asking what she was expecting to find in the drug test and how often I was supposed to get a refill on the pain meds.  The doctors don't offer anything else for the pain for migraines and I've been to every specialist they have at Kaiser.  Here this new lady who is younger than I am is thinking she knows more about my migraines and thinks that I'm abusing my pain medicines?

Well, she writes back a rather not so nice email and that was it!  I changed doctors tonight!

With a degree in science, I do happen to know a thing or two about my own health and don't need a rude doctor giving me a lecture about abusing pain medication.  Of course, by changing doctors, now I have to go in to have an appointment with the new doctor, but at least she looks nice from her picture on the website.

I actually felt quite relieved after sending my email saying I didn't appreciate being tricked into taking a drug test and that I didn't trust the doctor and that I had changed to a new doctor.

The funny thing is, the regular doctor doesn't even deal with my migraines.  I see a neurologist and a nurse practitioner at the headache clinic who regulate the migraine medicine medicines and they tell me what to take and how often.  For some reason, this doctor decided it was her job to take over and tell me what to do.  Sorry lady, you just got fired. :)

I need a vacation!


barbara woods said...

some DR. think they are GOD

Farm Quilter said...

Good for you for taking a stand and telling her why you were firing her! Most people are so intimidated by doctors that they just go along like sheep! Doctors have to protect their behinds from the insurance companies and the government, but when you came in for the urine test, she should have told you what she was doing and why.