Monday, December 22, 2014

A Great Birthday

 Yesterday was a great day.  I turned 25 again and got to spend the day with my kids.  All of them!  what could be better?  I taught my older daughter to knit and she picked it up really quickly.  She already knows how to crochet and made the beautiful scarf she is wearing in the picture above.  I worked on an afghan for my younger daughter.  She makes me laugh with her request for a 'really big afghan that will cover her head to toe that can be folded up to make a pillow' that she can use in her dorm room.  She already has about 6 quilts at college, but really needs an afghan too. Oh, and can I have it done by the time she goes back to college next week?  Thanks!  Looks like I will be busy.

We went to our local Christmas lights area, Candy Cane Lane, and this was the first year the weather was nice enough to walk the route.  I've always wanted to get my picture at this house with the really cute display of elves helping Santa on the roof.  I keep asking my son to make me one just like it and he keeps saying how easy it would be, but I've yet to have one at my house!  One day maybe....
We went out to dinner at Outback and I had the best steak and baked potatoe.  Perfectly seasoned and tender.  My husband called (he's got a really bad cold) to say there were some visitors who had come by while we were out. They would be back when I got home.

Sure enough, when I got home, they came back with this.  Three former students...all guys...that I taught 5 years ago, came by to bring me this cake they baked.  I love it for so many reasons!  The almond joy candy bars, they remembered are my favorite, the fact they ran out of the tiny sprinkles and used the bigger ones to finish my name, the fact they got my age wrong!  When my son told them my age was off by 2 years, they said, oh, you are only 21, we forgot!  Too cute.

I still can't believe these former students took the time to bake me a cake and come over to deliver it.  Somehow I made a difference in their lives and they took time to say thanks. :)

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