Saturday, August 2, 2014

work to do before going back to work

I was talking with a friend last night and starting to get nervous about going back to work.  I can't go back!  I have too much work to get done first.  You see, people at work keep having babies and since everyone knows I'm a quilter, they sort of expect me to make a quilt for them.  Of course, they don't come right out and say something (well some of them do) but they give me this look and then don't talk to me for weeks if I don't offer a quilt once I find out they are having a baby or getting married or retiring.  Do you find that to be true too?

-So, there's Megan and Jenn who are having Twins.  Gee, thanks ladies.  Couldn't just have one baby, had to go and have TWO :) a boy and a girl
-Marissa had a boy in early July.  I was supposed to make her quilt before school got out, but things got crazy and I just didn't.
-Mary gave me fabric to make quilts for her nephews and I had all summer to work on them and that just didn't happen.  That's two more quilts.
-Gerald's wife had a baby girl four weeks early.  I saw him yesterday and he didn't look so good.  I guess he is pretty sleep deprived.  Poor guy.
-Sandi's daughter had her baby last month.  I'm working on her crochet afghan (which is huge for a baby blanket.  Note to self, one skein of the large baby weight yarn is enough for a baby blanket-you don't need two) and I promised her a quilt.  I think I will start on that one first since she is my boss.  I can't go back without her afghan and quilt.  Ugh.
-Three co workers got engaged over the summer and one retired.  OK people, slow down!  I know I quilted 81 quilts last month, but I didn't actually sew all of those!
-Oh, and I have a tshirt quilt I've been 'working' on for a couple of years.  A teacher at our school has run the blood drive ever since I've been there 15 years ago.  I've been collecting shirts for it and I'm pretty sure I have enough.  I really need to start it for her.  It won't take long once I start cutting up the shirts.  It's the starting that is taking so long.

I really need to make those 7 baby/kid quilts before I go back in 2 weeks.  The wedding quilts can wait and who knows if I will make the retirement quilt.

I guess I had better get busy and tackle them one at a time.  They won't finish themselves.

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