Monday, August 4, 2014

I love this quilt

 I love everything about this quilt.  It's made with the Accuquilt Go! 7 1/2 inch Drunkard's Path die and is bright and cheery.  Someone else is going to love it too I'm sure.  So glad I finally got around to quilting something today.  I had two doctor appointments.  The first one was for women's health.  I got a call last month saying I had to come in to get my 3 year test.  I was pretty sure I had it just last year, but they said I was mistaken so I made the appointment.  When I got there today, my doctor said I had been in last year and didn't need to get tested again today and that the call center had been doing that to lots of people recently, even to her.  So, it was a wasted trip.

Then, I was off to the post office and mailed three boxes, two to Margaret's Hope Chest and one to Gene Black for a homeless shelter for teens in Alabama.  I think that will be my last shipment for the year because it was quite expensive.  I shipped 28 quilts and with the cotton batting they were heavy boxes.  Another reason I like poly batting :)  And another reason to donate locally whenever possible.  There are lots of kids around here needing quilty hugs.

Then, back to the doctor this afternoon because my migraine medicine was refill was rejected.  I have a new doctor and she said that it wasn't her policy but the hospital policy that whenever you switch doctors and are on a prescription narcotic you have to come in and talk about narcotic abuse.

I did learn something new today, that I'm not supposed to drive when I take the Tylenol/Codeine.  If I get pulled over, I could be arrested for a DUI.  I've seen about 10 different doctors since being prescribed this and never been told that before.  It doesn't make me dizzy or impair me and I've always been told just to see how I feel before driving, but knowing this really makes me wary to take it.  I'm supposed to wait 4 hours before driving if I take it.  I don't think they let you have quilting machines in prison.
 I had to share these pictures of my 'daughter' Jenny and her husband and their baby Sherlock.  I've talked about Jenny several times.  She's the daughter we adopted or almost so when she was about 14.  She was in the first class I taught when I switched from 1st grade to high school.  Her husband was also in my class.  How cute is that?  They were dating way back then.  They didn't stay together all that time, but managed to find each other after college again and get married.  I laugh at the above picture because this is the one they picked for the Church directory.  I keep telling her she needs a real baby.  She used to be so afraid of dogs and now Sherlock is in all of their family pictures.

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jirons42 said...

This is why I love donating to MHC. They are local for me and I can just drop things off right to Carol's house. Great cause and so convenient for me.