Friday, August 8, 2014

can I get a little break?

 I tell you I hope I can have a year off from taking cars in to the shop.  I know that isn't going to happen because we just have too many cars.  Too many people driving and it seems like I'm the designated car repair person.  Yesterday I spent about 4 1/2 hours dealing with my son's car and they still didn't fix it.  I had the appointment today at noon to get the new tire put on.  I figured I'd get the smog check done before getting the tire put on, but little did I know you can't get a smog check done with a spare tire on the front of a car.

Did you know that?  I learn something new every day.

They said that because the tires are different sizes, it makes the wheel wobble and it could possibly fall off (not likely, but they didn't want to take the chance) so I had to come back after getting the tire changed.

So, I went back to get the tire at noon and can you believe that the tire wasn't in yet?  Of course not.  Why would things work according to plan?  So, they put the spare tire on the back, where the new tire was going to go anyways so I could at least go get the smog check done while I was waiting for the new tire to come in.

Got the smog check done and went home to do some quilting while I waited.  At least the repair shop, smog check station and my house are only a couple miles away.  I made two trips to the tire shop today and finally they got the tire changed and hopefully that's the last time I have to go back this year.
I've had a terrible migraine all week and the smell of the tires doesn't help, but at least getting out of the house distracts me.

I've started walking again which hopefully will help with decreasing the migraine days.  I'm sore and tired from walking just a couple of miles.  Why is it so hard to keep doing things that are good for you and so easy to do things that are so bad for you?  Brownie bites are so easy to snack on and walking every day is so hard.  You would think the opposite would be true!

Tomorrow is 50% off at the Goodwill.  Check it out, maybe it's true for you too!  Great for back to school clothes shopping if you need some funny t shirts or nice clothes.  My son begged me not to buy him any more clothes, except a couple of new pair of pants and short sleeved button down shirts.  He's so funny.  My daughter on the other hand and I are very excited about the sale.  We will be there bright and early!

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