Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trying everything

 Most of these were done yesterday, but stuck on the machine because of the large backing fabric.
 I made this quilt top at least 5 years ago and it was quite wonky.  But, it quilted out quite nicely.  This was back in the days before I knew you were supposed to make the blocks flat and relatively the same size.  I'm surprised it turned out as nicely as it did considering just how non rectangular it was.  That's why it has sat so long before getting quilted.  I didn't really have much hope of it coming out well, but look, it actually looks like a quilt :)  See, you really can quilt it out!
 This migraine is really sticking in there and just won't let go.  I wish the doctor had a better solution for getting rid of the tough ones that want to hang on for weeks.  I've tried Aleve, Tylenol/codeine, caffeine, taking a walk and taking a nap.  Even going thrift shopping and quilting aren't helping today.  A quiet house (the kids are all over at a friend's playing board games) and watching a funny show just make me want to cry.  The doctors just say, sorry, there's nothing else we can try.
My friend Nancy really has an eye for color on these tumbler quilts.  She has been making them like crazy lately and I'm happy she has been putting the Accuquilt Studio cutter to good use.  Her daughter has come to live with her now (along with her four kids) and she can sew up a storm too.  Once her kids start school in a couple weeks we will have a new quilter among us and I better pick up the pace.  She will be able to churn out the quilt tops double time and hopefully help us cut through the stash at record pace, at least until she gets a job.  Maybe I should give her the keys to my house and she can quilt while I'm at work.  (hey, maybe she wants to be my housecleaner too :)


Farm Quilter said...

You get an amazing amount of quilting done for dealing with migraines. Have your doctors tried putting you on medication that will prevent migraines??? Long-term pain anywhere is awful and I'm so sorry you have to suffer with those horrid migraines!!!

Barb N said...

I follow another blog called Katherine's Korner. She has migraines and wrote up this great list of triggers. Thought you might be interested in looking through it, although you've probably already tried eliminating trigger foods/smells already.