Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A pat on the back and a kick in the rear

I got a letter in the mail yesterday with $10 enclosed:

The enclosed remittance is small, but may help with overhead.
Dear Ms. Lewis, your letter with pictures and a break down of your, "Vacaville Binky Patrol' program I could not have wished of a better project to support.  My wife Rosie was a quilt maker for all of our 40.5 year marriage.  I'd come home from my job, a 14/15 hour day and Rosie said get cleaned up, we have to get a quilt out tonight.  We had a ball while doing it.  Sincerely Jim
PS You're doing God's Calling.

You see, Jim's wife had recently passed away and he had donated a lot of fabric to us.  I sent a thank you note, but got much more in return.  The encouragement was a much needed pat on the back and kick in the rear.

I've had the crochet blanket finished for a couple of days now, but finally finished sewing the ends in and made a little hat to go with it.  I got two skeins of yarn and one was much bigger than the other.  It's a good thing the second one was the bigger one because I used up one skein, then turned around and started decreasing when I got to the end of the first skein.  If the second skein had been the smaller one, I would have had to go out and buy a 3rd skein to finish off the blanket.  This one is going to my principal's grand daughter.  Is it too much of sucking up go give her a quilt and a crochet blanket and hat?  Probably, but hey, whatever it takes to stay on her good side :)  I get to be a BTSA mentor again this year because she likes me.  My new teacher left from last year and we hired another new one.  It pays about $1800 which is money I spend on quilting and shipping packages.  Without that, my hobby suffers :)

My friend brought over 8 more quilts of valor this morning so I hope to get those finished up before school starts.  I was hoping to get the blanket and quilt delivered this morning, but things got pushed back and I'm not feeling well so decided just to stick around home and work on more quilts.  I'm way behind on the 7 I need to get done.  I have one more quilt top finished and really need to cut out two more today.  Feeling so lazy!

Better get moving...time is running out!

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