Sunday, August 31, 2014

Three day weekend

This is a twin size for Napa.  Finally pulled it off the machine yesterday as it has been quilting all week.  With longer work days and less quilting time, quilts sure do take a long time to get done.  Especially bigger quilts like this one.  I was hoping to get it quilted before Friday so the ladies at quilt day could get it bound and I could have it delivered today, but that just didn't happen.  I will pass it off to my friend Sandy on Tuesday and she will get it done quickly and it will go with the next batch.  There are a lot of families whose homes were either Red Tagged, meaning they can't go back into their houses, or yellow tagged meaning they have limited access to their homes.  We are hoping to get quilts to each one.  I have no idea how many we will need, but we will keep making them and delivering them to the church that is also the Red Cross center because they know who these families are.

My former TA, Sierra and her boyfriend Justin are coming this morning to pick up the next load of quilts to drop off at both the mobile home park and church this morning.  I just love their willing spirit.  They are so eager to help, plus they are young and able to lift heavy things!  And it doesn't hurt that Justin's grandfather has lived in Napa a long time and knows everyone so he is helping to get quilts where they are needed as well.  Love that everyone is pulling together and I can totally trust that the quilts are getting into the hands of people who need them.  Sometimes you just don't know where the quilts will end up, but this time I have total confidence they will go to homes of people who were affected by the earthquake.

They just had another aftershock this morning that was a 3.2.  That isn't a big one, but for people who are still cleaning up, it did wake them up and gave some people a bit of a scare.  The earth moving in one place means it is putting stress on other faults, like the San Andreas or Hayward which go under places with a lot more people, which means we better keep making quilts.

I have a fault line that runs right under my house, the Vaca Kirby Fault and whenever I teach the kids about earthquakes in class I always tell them I knew about it when we bought our house.  As a science teacher, it was kind of exciting knowing there was a fault line running under my house, but don't cry for me if my house falls down.  What idiot buys a house on a fault line?  This one :)  Of course, in California, you really don't have much of a choice.  There are fault lines pretty much everywhere.

The crack in my driveway is now about 3 inches instead of 1 inch and I'm not sure if I should blame it on the earthquake or the drought, but it got bigger in only a week, so I'm going with earthquake.  It's the little things that excite me :)

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