Sunday, August 24, 2014

quilts for Napa

 I've received a great response when I asked on Facebook if any of my friends could help me get quilts to Napa.  One of my TA's from a couple of years ago offered her boyfriend who works there and will be dropping off 10 quilts to the hospital where the people who were hurt in the earthquake are staying.
 I found out that his grandfather lives in the mobile home park where several mobile homes burned down and he will be taking quilts to the residents who lost their homes once we get them finished up.  I want to have bigger quilts since these are adults.  I have kid size quilts finished and ready to go.
 Here's the pile of quilts ready to go.  It's so nice to have quilts at the ready when they are needed and it's also nice to have so many friends so willing to help out when the call goes out.
I also was contacted by my former principal who said she has lots of contacts with the schools in Napa and will find out about students who were affected and is willing to get quilts to them for me.

My friend Carla is working on quilting for Binky Patrol this week and is getting them bound and ready for delivery too.

I hope you have time to work on a quilt or two and have something on hand to bring comfort to a friend in need when a crisis hits.  A little fabric, a little time and a warm comforting quilt can really make a difference.

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