Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Napa earthquake update

So many have stepped up to help out with quilts for Napa.  I was contacted by another Binky patrol chapter and they will be bringing quilts on Saturday.  Carla has offered her house on Friday for a quilt day and when she put the word out that we needed some quilts bound, we had more than enough people step up to bind all the quilts we had on hand.  We can't keep up quilting tops fast enough.

Friday will be spent making large quilt tops that we hope to get quilted next week.  The Red Cross Center is at a church, so they are actually accepting items instead of just money and are willing to pass out the quilts to the people who lost their homes in the earthquake.

I have a dear friend whose elderly mother has lived in Napa her whole life and who 'knows everyone' and will be making sure everyone who lost their home gets a quilt from us.  My former TA's boyfriend's grandfather lives in the mobile home park where several homes burned and he will make sure those people receive quilts as well.

So, we are working quickly and should have things covered soon.

I have back to school tonight and then hopefully things will slow down for me.  Taking on that extra class has really added an extra layer of work that will take some getting used to.  Not having a break during the day takes extra planning in the morning and after school.  Especially because I have to remember to go to the bathroom during lunch, when 8 other teachers are having to go to the bathroom too!  Plus, eat my lunch and get things for my afternoon class ready.  I have a former student who has been spending her days with me the past three days which has been really nice.  She has been organizing my cupboards and grading papers and even wrote some questions to go with an assignment.  She doesn't start school for a month and is getting bored at home.  She will be going to UC Davis and most of her friends have already started college. I love having her come in and help me out.  Some of the other teachers are a bit jealous :)

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