Monday, August 11, 2014

The heart beats a little faster

 So, there's one week left of summer vacation.  Most parents are excited for their kids to go back.  I find my heart beating a little faster this week.  I wake up several times a night from the back to school nightmares.
 They usually involve my classes throwing things and me yelling about sitting down and doing work.  OH, wait, that's normal every day behaviors :)  No, not really.  I don't yell!
 But, it does seem about this time every year, I remember all of the things I wanted to do over the summer that I had good intentions of doing all summer that I never started.  Like organizing my giant t shirt collection, or exercising and losing weight, or making 100 quilts.  Oh, wait, I did that one :)
 This is the quilt for the Vice Principal/counselor whose wife had the baby 4 weeks early.  Hoping to get the binding on today and gift it tomorrow when I take my son in and pay a zillion dollars for his senior pack.  Why is everything so expensive?  Oh, yeah, they are going to Disneyland for their senior trip.  Really?  We went to Disneyland and it didn't cost $200.  Maybe because I lived in So. Cal and it was only about $30 to get into Disneyland 30 years ago.  Can it be that long since I graduated high school?  (only 29 really, but who's counting?).  Since I'm only 25 it seems impossible that I graduated high school 29 years ago.  Math never really was my strong point!
And this is the first of the quilts for my friends who are having twins.  Can you see my humility block?  Yeah, I didn't see it until I was half way through quilting it.  Hey, gotta have one block turned the wrong way in there somewhere right?  If I don't point it out, I don't think the baby will notice it.  Why flowers and elephants?  Well, when I cut the elephant fabric, I only had 11 blocks, so I cut the flower blocks to make enough.  Then, when I got done sewing, I had 4 leftover elephant blocks.  Again, that stupid math stuff.  And to think I taught first grade for 9 years.

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Quiltingranny said...

I guess I just see beauty because I can't see a humility block in this at all!