Sunday, August 3, 2014

I found another one

 I tell you when most people clean and organize things get better, but when I do, things always get worse.  This is the Final quilt this round for Margaret's Hope Chest.  When I cleaned out the kitchen, I had put it in a box of quilt tops with backing fabric that I had organized oh, so neatly that were ready to be quilted.  Problem is, out of sight, out of mind.  well, I was looking through it for some reason, and found the quilt top, that I knew was for MHC after I decided I was all finished with all the quilt tops I had for that round.  Good thing I didn't get to the post office on Friday after all.  See, there's a reason for everything.  I wasn't just being lazy!  If I do happen to find another quilt top, it isn't like I can't start another box.  So, if you still have quilt tops and want to send them to me, just let me know and I'd be happy to quilt them up for you and send them along in the next box.
This is the weird, pink mountain fabric I have been talking about and you can see the quick, cute heart quilting design.  It takes about 5 minutes to do a row because there are no sharp corners for the machine to stop and start on.  Just the point on the heart and even that isn't a big deal for the machine.  You get so you can tell from looking at the design if it is going to be a fast or slow one to quilt with how many start and stop places there are.  Some dense designs can go quickly if they are very loopy and some very open designs take a long time if they have a lot of angles where the machine has to stop a lot.  Some quilts I'm willing to wait a long time for too, like the black and gold baby quilt with the feathers.  Some of the feathers were round and some spikey which looked great, but took long time for a whole row.  I loaded it sideways so there were only 4 rows to do, but each row took about 30 minutes to do.  Good thing I don't have to stand there the whole time.  Plus, I am getting better at guessing when it will run out of bobbin thread and pulling the bobbin and starting a new one so it doesn't run out in the middle of a row, or worse, the beginning of a 30 minute row!  Then, it will just stitch happily away, without actually stitching anything.  I wish it had a sensor like my embroidery machine and stop stitching when it runs out of bobbin thread.  There has to be a way to make it do that.  If a $400 embroidery machine can do it why can't a $17,000 quilting machine?  Somebody dropped the ball there.

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Farm Quilter said...

When I used my girlfriend's LA with IQ, I learned to hear the difference in the sound of the machine when the bobbin ran out. I only do hand-guided quilting from the front of the machine, so I know right away when the bobbin runs out! However, my stitch regulator does have a thing on it that tells me how much of the bobbin is left, so I rarely run out in the middle of quilting, unless I'm not paying any attention to it!!! Cute quilting pattern...may need to give this one a shot! I have the hardest time coming up with E2E patterns, always seeing the custom, take forever quilting! On my daughter's wedding quilt, I used my friend's LA with the IQ for 12 hours a day for 8 days straight to get just the computerized quilting finished. Had to come home and spend another 3 weeks quilting it on my LA.