Friday, August 5, 2011

we made the paper

Excellent article in the local paper which highlighted the kids who worked hard on making quick work of fabric scraps that have been donated. I'll say it again, if you aren't tapping into the resource of your local high school, you are really missing out on a great amount of energy these kids have. Just a little bit of direction and they take off and get a lot done. About three hours was the attention span, so plan accordingly. Feed them and they work better. Make sure they have their friends there so there is plenty of laughter and fun.

School is about to start in most places and kids will be looking for community service opportunities. Make a sign and ask the counseling office if you can post it and ask them to announce it in their school bulliten or website, or if they have an all call, ask them to call home about it. No place to hold the event? Many schools will let you use their facilities for free, just ask! Ask for donations of fabric and be prepared for boxes that have been hiding in garages and attics for decades. This is some fun and funky stuff you will get, so don't be picky. Have a plan ready, with a job for every kid who shows up and a few supervisors to help out and you will have a successful event.

The kids asked for another quilt day next month. I know that as soon as they tell their friends, we will have more students then we know what to do with :) I'm excited, but could really use a nap today. I'm beat! And, I'm working on the wedding quilt, hoping to get the top finished today. It is half way done now with nothing else on the agenda for today. Whew!

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