Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teenage work day #2

Today was another fun filled, exhausting work day where we cut and sorted fabric and got a lot done! I forgot to take a picture of all of the fabric that was made into useable pieces, but I can tell you it filled an entire table about 6 inches tall! These kids were busy for the full 3 hours and made short work of that fabric again.

The local paper even came out to cover the story. We had 26 kids today and most were repeats but some were new kids who heard about it from friends and lots of kids asked if we would be doing this again. Of course, Carla agreed that if they wanted to come back, she would be happy to host another quilt day.

Here is the photographer talking to one of the Robotics students who was in charge of the quilting machine. They were both very interested in how the machine did all the work with the touch of a button. As long as a machine is involved, you could get the boys working :)

More kids sewed today and Carla brought out her Sizzix machine, which will take some of the smallest Accuquilt Go! dies. Any of the 5 inch dies will fit if you use a couple of extra shims (pieces of cardboard slid under the die to lift it up)

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Marsha said...

This is so awesome that you have got the interest of this teenagers doing quilts. Half of them will keep quilting doing their life time. Teenagers now days need something constructive in their lives. Future Quilters I can see it!