Sunday, August 21, 2011


Obsessed, I think that is the only way to describe what has happened to me. And these pink/green blocks. After 3 quilts, you would think I should be out of them by now? Well, think again! There are enough blocks for one more small quilt. Loaves and fishes I tell you!

I'm hoping to actually quilt this one today (the first quilting I've done in almost a month and yes, my shoulder still hurts!) for a friend at work's mom. My friend's grandmother passed away this week and her mom was the caregiver and had a really hard time. I thought this quilt might be a nice hug for her. I need to get another one done because her partner's grandmother passed away just a couple of days earlier and her mother was also the caregiver. They are really having a hard time. The funerals for both grandmothers are on the same day in two different states. I guess I had better get busy.

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