Monday, August 1, 2011

she passed and I'm a spaz

So, my #2 daughter had her behind the wheel driving test this morning. We went out early for some last minute practice to help calm her down a little. She was really nervous, thinking she might run someone over, or crash into the DMV office and immediately fail her test. I knew she would be fine, which worried me even more!

We got there early and watched a couple other kids take their tests. The guy two people in front of her came back from his test and parked really crooked at the end. He got out of his car and skipped into the DMV office. He was really happy! I'm guessing he passed. When his dad came out with him, he made fun of the way he parked. The kid said, "the parking at the end doesn't count, it isn't part of the test!"

When my daughter took her test, she was pretty nervous. Her hands were really sweaty. When she came back to park, she did a perfect job, but then hit the curb really hard. She said she apologized to the driving test lady and the lady said, "It's ok, it's not my car!" It's a good thing the parking at the end doesn't count because if you hit the curb during the test, you immediately fail :)

She only lost two points on the test and was so happy that it was over.

Then, she had to go to her tennis practice which is about 30 minutes away. Now that she can drive herself, I have 2 hours a day back to do lots of fun things (when my shoulder is healed!) So, what do I do with my extra time? I followed her to practice! Am I a giant spaz or what?

She decided to take the freeway and when she got on, there were two trucks that she had to squeeze inbetween and the onramp is really short. I was so worried about her making the onramp that I wasn't paying attention to the fact that I had to get in too and I had to slam on the breaks because I was going to crash into the second truck! STRESS! SPAZ!

UGH. She did great all the way and I freaked out over nothing. No man will add any days by worrying, but I tell you I may just shorten my life by a week or two.

I think I might just take a nap with my extra hour this afternoon. I think I earned it :)

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Andee said...

What a good mom you are! You had me chuckling because I know just how you feel letting them go on their own but oh so nice to have more sewing time! Congrats to your daughter!