Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quilt day #3

This guy got a lot of work over the last week. The star of the show was the Accuquilt Studio Fabric cutter! Best investment EVER!

Wow, another quilt day and I'm exhausted! The local TV news station was supposed to come out today and had to cancel because the camera man called in sick :(

I had told the kids to be on standby and that this might happen so figured that once they heard the TV wasn't coming, they would find something else to do. Well, I was wrong! We had about 15 kids show up today and work for another 2 hours. These kids just can't get enough of fabric! Do you think I have them addicted yet? When they left, they asked when the next day was! We actually have now cut up all of Carla's scaps into this...

This is the result of all of the cutting. Sorry for the terrible picture, but you can see that this 6 foot table is covered in perfectly cut pieces of fabric: Tumblers in two sizes, hexagons, squares and triangles and now I get to sort them into quilt kits to be passed out at the next Binky Patrol day which is August 14. The local news station said they would like to come out on Sunday, August 14 to cover that day and the kids said they want to come back! I think they just love the food

and friendship! I'm ok with that, as long as they agree to do a little work for it :) Hey, my kids eat and don't always work so... :)

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Michelle said...

That is so amazing -- I've got a Go!, not a Studio, but I love how much faster it makes cutting for charity quilts!