Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curved Seams scare you?

They sure scared me! That is until my friend Carla showed me they weren't any big deal. She took a class through our quilt guild called Fractured Circles and the quilt teacher showed her how to cut the pieces just using her rotary cutter. Carla showed me and then made me sit down and sew the seam before letting me leave her house! She is mean like that you know. I think she even threatened me with chocolate or something!!

Well, after my first curved seam, it was so easy, I wondered why I had been so afraid.

Then, I decided that I had better try again before I forgot. So, this morning, I decided I had the drunkard's path die for my Go! cutter and hadn't used it. What a shame! I wondered if it was easier or harder to do than the way Carla showed me. With Carla's method, you have to square up the blocks after sewing. Withe the Go! cut blocks, you don't. Cut before or after, it's still the same waste of fabric, but you all know how lazy I am, so I think I will go with the before cutting and use the Go! cutter to cut my blocks. Either way, it is super easy to sew curved seams and I have no idea what scared me about them.

Now, to find that batik fabric I bought for the wedding quilt I promised a co-worker/student teacher way back at the end of last year. I am supposed to be making a queen size quilt. I have no idea how big that is, but I'm sure it is huge! Good thing Carla is my friend :) She doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to be asking her to quilt it for me :) This might involve pounds of chocolate! If I can find that fabric...

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