Thursday, August 11, 2011

my next project

Yesterday, the neighbor lady stopped me and told me she has cancer. I taught her daughter last year and she never said anything. The lady is having a fundraiser dinner to help raise money for the medical expenses for a stem cell transplant and the houseing expenses for her stay near the hospital for a month. Carla and I are going to make a quilt to give to the efforts.

I decided on this pattern, again using the drunkard's path die. I just love this Accuquilt Die. It is so easy to cut out and so quick to go together and looks like you spent a lot of time and effort on it. Of course, I can't count so I ended up cutting out enough pieces for TWO quilts. Oh, well, I'm sure the second quilt will not go to waste :) It will be in green and pinks thanks to my friend Judy, who has been bringing me truckloads of fabric this summer. She is coming again today with another load. I helped her celebrate her 71st birthday by enjoying a German Chocolate cake in her honor!

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Carla said...

She goes to the hospital in November. Don't know if they will allow it, but if they do, maybe we can send the second quilt to the hospital with her.