Sunday, August 7, 2011

Triple Score

Yesterday at the Solano County Fair, we thought my daughter was getting an award for her quilt for Best in Show. When we got there, we walked around to look at all of the things she had entered. She made lots of jewelry

and won first place on most of the things she had made. She took lots of pictures and won first place on most of the pieces she had entered. She made a couple of pillows, pajama pants and wrote poems.

She did very well on everything she entered.

What shocked us was that she not only won best in show for her quilt, but also for her science fair project that took first place in the city science fair, but also for her poem! Her sister is a creative writing major at Oberlin college in Ohio and so my daughter was very proud that she had won for her poem.

When they started calling up people for the awards, she also won two sweepstakes awards, which means she earned the most points overall for two of the categories, one for the home furnishings, (quilt and pillows) and one for the jewelry category. She was a little embarassed going up so many times and having just come from tennis practice. She likes to get all dressed up when she goes out places where people are going to be looking at her, but I was super proud!

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