Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Need an energy boost?

If you live near Vacaville, Ca and are looking for a Free pick-me-up, come on by the Quilt Day today or Thursday at my friend Carla's house. These are special quilt days because they are Teenage Community Service days. What's so special about those? Well, her house will be FILLED with teenagers! Talk about abundant energy! There are about 20 kids who have RSVP's and from what I've seen in the movies about teenage parties, teens like to talk and tell their friends and a teen party can get pretty wild! Word gets out and before you know it there will be 100 kids sewing and cutting fabric, drinking soda and having a wild time. Ok, so maybe not exactly what you see in the teenage movies, but much better and way more productive! I'm really looking forward to it and will post lots of pictures later this afternoon. Carla has 5 buckets of scraps and I'm hoping to work through all of her scraps today so the kids can make quick work of my scraps on Thursday.

The, Saturday is the grownup party for a full day of quilting fun from 10-4 and you know how wild we can be!

It is worth the drive for a few hours of fun. We even have the best outlet stores in the world-or so I'm told, if you want to make a vacation out of your trip :)

Drop me an email and I will give you her address. Hope to see you here! Bring your swimsuit if you are really brave! I'm not, the kids have camera phones and I don't want my picture out there in cyberspace scaring little children!

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