Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last night and this morning

With the change in my schedule this year, I have an extra hour in the mornings after getting my husband and two older kids off to school. Lunches are made, dishes are done and a load of laundry is thrown in and washed. What to do with the extra time? Well, what would you do? Now that the shoulder is feeling better, I am going to try and get a quilt done in the mornings. Don't worry, if the shoulder starts acting up, I will give it a rest! Promise :)

But I was able to get a quilt done last night and then another one this morning. I'm almost to 600 quilts quilted by me. Wow, in only just over 3 years. That's a lot of quilts. And, I'm almost to 300 quilts for this year alone! Double wow! No wonder my shoulder has been hurting me. About 200 of those have been since March. Sometimes I don't understand the word moderation.

Ok, off to help the little guy with his homework. He likes having the extra time in the mornings as well. Yesterday he says, Mom, you are really nice. I ask, why? He says, because you let me choose when to do my homework. Oh, is that all it takes? As long as it gets done, I don't care if he does it before or after school :) One less battle to fight!

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