Friday, October 3, 2014

the final guinea pig

My oldest daughter started doing 4H when she was about 10.  She is now 24.  We have had guinea pigs that whole time.  There was a time when we had about 40 at once.  She raised the long hair breeds and showed them at lots of different guinea pig shows around the area.  It was really fun watching the babies being born and finding homes for them.

Yesterday our final guinea pig died of old age.  I don't think I will get another to replace her.  My oldest got her when she was in college and passed her on to her sister when she couldn't bring her back to school.  My younger daughter couldn't take her to college last year and she got passed on to me.  My little guy was supposed to take care of her, but you know how those things go.  Mom is usually the one to make sure they get fed and cleaned and given some attention.

Another chapter closes.

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Farm Quilter said...

Some chapters of life are easier to close then others. You will miss the cheerful squeaks, chirps and whistles when you come into their room. On to another chapter with college graduates, jobs, weddings and grandbabies!!