Sunday, October 26, 2014

Not even what I planned to do today-Elephant quilt

 So I purchased the AccuCut Elephant Die about 6 months ago and never even opened it.  I had no intentions of starting a quilt like this today, but for whatever reason, got the crazy idea to do some embroidery.  I ordered an embroidery design for the Accuquilt Go elephant die and figured they were the same size.  WRONG.  The AccuCut die is slightly bigger.  Well, I had already cut out a bunch of elephants, so what was I going to do, but learn to applique!
 I have no idea why I was so scared of applique.  It takes less than 5 minutes to stitch around the edge of the shapes and is super easy.
 Since I was going to stitch them down with the embroidery machine, I didn't put any fusible onto the back of the fabric.  You just put a couple dabs of glue on and they stay in place no problem at all.
 I plan to add some fabric to the corners of these pieces and make them 12 inches finished.  This will be a really cute quilt when I'm all done.  I have no idea what got into me today, but I just decided I wanted to do something fun and this is what happened.
 If you have an embroidery machine and want to order the design for yourself, here's the link
 There are a lot of other designs for the Accuquilt dies and other things too.  It took longer to stitch out the embroidery designs than to make the applique blocks.  I just felt like playing around with my embroidery machine and my quilting machine was stitching away in the background too.
 Hate to see what the electric bill will be next month :)
 I might send this quilt to my daughter at UCLA because she loves elephants.  She has three quilts already, but she laughs and says you can never have too many quilts.  She makes fun of her friends who don't have any quilts.  She says she doesn't understand people who don't have quilts.
 I think I raised her right.
 I also ordered the dog and cat embroidery design and I actually have those dies for the Go! cutter.  But it would be nice to actually finish one quilt before starting another one.
 I know there are people out there who only buy the fabric they need for one quilt, cut it, sew it and finish the quilt.  Then, if they have leftover fabric, they give it to me.  They don't have a stash of fabric.  They use the fabric store as their stash.  How weird is that/  what if you want to make a quilt when the fabric store is closed?  Or, what if you change your mind in the middle of a project?  Or, what if you are supposed to be working on one project and the desire to make an elephant quilt hits you out of the blue?
 I bet they have clean houses though.  And lots of room in their cars to drive their friends around.
 But I bet they don't have spontaneous elephant quilts half way done either.  Or 487 other spontaneous unfinished projects.

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