Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quilt of Valor and new migraine treatment
Here's a link to an article about a new migraine treatment my doctor is letting me try.  I read about it on Facebook.  It's for eye drops used to treat glaucoma.  They are beta blockers and reduce blood pressure in the eye/brain which helps some migraine sufferers and work quickly once you get the migraine because you put the drops into the eye where the migraine is (behind the eye) and it goes right to the problem and BAM, blood vessels shrink, problem solved.  The ophthalmologists found it by accident when some of their patients noticed their migraines got better after using the eye drops for their other issues.  My doctor says it can't hurt so why not try it out.  Too bad I didn't have it yesterday when I had a doozy of a migraine!  I ordered it online to be shipped to me in the mail.  Just didn't figure I would get to the pharmacy within the week and I've been having fewer migraines during the week.  Of course yesterday had a lot of stress at school.
I did get this really nice Quilt of Valor quilted a couple days ago.  I had planned to get a couple done this weekend.  The ladies who are doing the binding want to get them done before the holidays are here and I'm just not doing my part.  I think I have 8 to get done.  Slow and steady gets them done.  Not even loading them on the frame really isn't working.  I seem to do better when I have more migraines.  Funny how that works.  Yesterday I got another one loaded and almost finished when I was feeling horrible.  I find distracting myself helps me feel better.  Just sitting around on the couch and I'm wanting to die.


Quiltingranny said...

Just praying Marilyn that this new treatment works!

jirons42 said...

praying you get the relieve you deserve

Farm Quilter said...

I certainly hope this new treatment works for you!! So, you quilt like a crazy woman when you have migraines, what distracts you when you are feeling just fine? Sorry school is stressful...the season of breaks is upon us (used to love this time of year!), enjoy them!