Saturday, October 25, 2014

Can't keep this quilter down

Well, after stewing over the trouble with the broken power cord, I kept going back to the problem and have it fixed!  Carla isn't home this weekend and offered to have her husband come over and look at the problem.  I hate bothering people, when surely I can solve a simple problem like electrical wiring on a very expensive computer myself right?

My daddy didn't raise a dummy.  So, I just started wiggling and pulling on things and managed to break off another wire and drop it on the floor.  Great, now the problem was even worse!  Found the small wire, but it actually made it easier to fix, because now that it was off the main part of the machine, I could stick it into the hole that it had come out of on the cord.  You would think I would unplug things so I don't get electrocuted, but, hey I live dangerously around here.  I thought I had it turned off, but when I managed to get the cord plugged back into the box, the thing turned back on and I was back in business.  A lot of lime green duct tape to make sure nothing moved and I'm back in business!

Should hold up for another thousand quilts or so.  I'll just try to be more careful pulling on the cord when I get to the edge of the quilt.  You would think with how expensive this thing is, they would make the connection a little more sturdy.

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