Sunday, October 5, 2014

motivation from a 3 year old

I've created a monster in my adopted daughter Jenny.  She is making quilt tops like crazy now and I'm not doing very well in keeping up with her.  She keeps bringing me fabric to cut and buying more and more and gets so excited to get the JoAnn coupons in the mail.  She brought me this quilt top several weeks ago and I just haven't had the energy to quilt it for her.  It is for the sister of the owl quilt.

Well, she came over yesterday to drop off more fabric to cut and told me that the little three year old was asking about this quilt.  She said, "Jonny, why are you taking so slow on the quilt?"  She told her sister that she would share her owl quilt with her until Jonny got her quilt finished for her.  The little one is just over a year old, so doesn't understand that her quilt is taking a long time to get done or that I'm really tired when I get home from work and that I have really bad migraines on the weekend.

The three year old just knows that her sister needs a quilt and that 'Jonny' is really slow.  I mean, they went to pick out the fabrics together and hers got done really fast.  So, when I'm supposed to be working on a quilt for my son's community band to auction off on Friday, I decided I had better get this one on the machine and get it done so a little 3 year old wouldn't have to wait any longer.  Who knows, maybe she will be a quilter one day too.

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