Sunday, October 19, 2014


wow, with all the stuff going on at work this week, I really needed to read this today.  I'm always trying to rescue people and when they don't do things the way I know :) are the best, I judge them.  They complain they are having troubles and I give them the "I told you so" lecture because my way is always the right way because I'm so much older and wiser but sometimes people just need to learn the hard way.  These aren't the teenagers I'm talking about.  These are my co-workers I'm dealing with.  I got in three arguments this week.  It's not fun being in conflict with people.  Especially when you have to work so closely with them and share everything.  But knowing that I don't have to control everything will help me to focus on the things I do have to control.  And keep my nose in my own business.  And give me more time to quilt!

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barbara woods said...

love that, their are so many people that does that to others