Monday, October 27, 2014

Saying Thanks

 There are lots of ways to say Thanks.  Making quilts for our military veterans is one way I enjoy saying Thanks for service.  These quilts will be giving away in March to members of the service who have seen battle.  I'm happy to play my part in doing the quilting.  Some people made the blocks, others put the blocks together, I did the quilting and others will put the binding on them.
Everyone is doing just a little bit to wrap a big hug around those who have given so much.  Do you want to help?  There are lots of ways you can help.  Do you have some fabric you are never going to use?  Find a local quilt guild and donate it.  Or, take an hour or two and make a few blocks.  These blocks are 12 1/2 inch unfinished and you can see that you can make them any design.  You can talk to your quilt guild about starting a block of the month where everyone makes just one block and then someone joins them all together.  Think of how many quilts you could have at the end of the year.  If every quilt guild started doing this, think of how many Veterans we could cover!

Don't know where to send finished blocks or a finished quilt?  Alycia is always collecting blocks and quilts and is constantly giving quilts to Veterans.  She is my inspiration, even though I've never met her in person.

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