Saturday, May 24, 2014

Western Railway Museum

 My older son got a job at the Western Railway Museum so the younger guy and I decided to head out there today and check it out.  I've never been out there before even though I've lived up in Northern California for 30 years.
 They have a couple of trains you can ride that go out and back.  Today they were doing some track work so the rides were short.
 It was fun riding on a train from 1911.  The seat back slid so you could face either direction.  The train didn't turn around.
Here's my son working the front counter and helping people as they came in.  Made me so proud.  His boss came over to say he was doing a great job and make sure I wasn't some creepy stalker taking pictures of her worker.

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Farm Quilter said...

No matter what their first jobs are, it is a parent's job to be proud of them! Well done, mom!!! Now, you need to tell me what town this train takes off from - sounds like a fun day trip!