Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let the voting begin!/entry/6615630
If you can get the link to work and can get the voting to work, I'd appreciate a vote for my block in the Accuquilt contest.  I've already let them know there are troubles with their voting and so have many others.  Every year they have these great contests and every year they have troubles with the website and troubles with people voting more than they are supposed to and troubles with not being able to register and troubles and troubles so the contests aren't really fair.  I do love the company, but am feeling a bit frustrated at this point.

One of the blocks has over 90 votes already and I have 2.  I'm not saying I'd have 90 votes if I could get the voting to work right, but this morning I tried voting 17 times before it registered my single vote.  I don't know that my friends would try that many times before they gave up.

But, even if I don't win, I'm liking this block I created and am happy that I am learning how to use my new computer program.  Besides, what would I do with $22,000 worth of quilting things anyways?

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