Monday, May 26, 2014

another retirement quilt

 This one is for one of the Teaching Assistants at my school.  My friend sent me some of the photos from her Facebook page to add to the quilt.  Do you want a fast quilt?  These heart blocks are quick and easy to make.  I cut the quilt out Saturday morning and had it finished this afternoon.  I would say about 4 hours total time from cutting to binding including the quilting.
 I really need to be grading papers, but making quilts is so much more fun.  I also need to be finding places for all that fabric I brought home, but it's more fun to cut it up and sew with it instead.  Besides, if I put it away, I can't see it all at once.  Then, I will forget what I have.  It's much better to just have it all out on display, unless someone comes over
 Good thing it is so windy out today.  The wind held the quilt against the bush so I could take these pictures.  Who needs an extra hand?
I'm so ready for summer break!  9 days of school and then 3 days of teacher work days.  I hope I can make it!

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