Saturday, May 3, 2014

The end of the story

 I realize I never did tell you all the end of the story for my jury trial I didn't get picked for.  I know at least my dad would want to know what happened, and maybe a couple others would want to know what happened too.

As predicted, it was a three week trial and I'm very happy that I didn't get picked.  I knew from all the talk by both lawyers, it was going to be a difficult trial.  I also knew there was no way they would be able to find the guy guilty from how they were asking the questions.

The guy on trial was 61 years old and was accused of killing his 37 year old girlfriend by strangling her.  He claims she drown in her own vomit because she was so drunk.  Both lawyers kept saying there was domestic abuse and evidence of violence at the scene, but that the coroner had messed up the evidence and that she had been fired from her job (quit right before she was fired) so she was not a credible witness and the physical evidence wasn't going to be allowed so I knew there was no way they could find the guy guilty.

I guess from all the other articles I've read, the prosecutors strong armed the medical examiner into switching the cause of death from unknown to strangulation and they've done this several times which is why she eventually quit her job.

Sounds like a made for TV movie.  Who knew we had such excitement going on around here?

I'm just glad they didn't pick me and I didn't have to decide the fate of this guy and the families involved.

And now back to quilting.  And making dog beds.  Too many things to do this weekend!

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