Sunday, May 25, 2014

so blessed

 Made a trip out to Sacramento today to pick up an entire truck full of fabric from a lady whose friend passed away and left her with her collection.  She had pulled out what she loved and asked if we could use the rest to make quilts for kids in crisis.  Of course we can always use more fabric.  But, we will need help.  Looks like we will have several quilts days this summer and will be recruiting more volunteers.  I took these pictures after I unloaded more than half at Carla's house.  I forgot to take a picture after I loaded it or before I unloaded it.  I did take a picture of the boxes I unloaded, but my email isn't working right now.
Days like this remind me to use what I love because one day I will be gone and someone will have to take over my collection.  Nobody lives forever.  There's some gorgeous stuff here and I know we are going to have some fun using it up and make some gorgeous quilts.  Good thing summer is coming soon because I'm having trouble finding places in the house for all of this.  Also, good thing Carla came back and got some more out of the truck before I started unloading because I have all of the bolts of fabric and those things take up a lot of space.  She just got a new shelf unit and it can hold a lot of fabric.  I'll have to take a picture of it and try to find me something like it for my sewing room.  You can never have enough fabric storage you know!  Of course, if we could only sew faster, we wouldn't have this trouble.

Want to come over and help us sew?

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Farm Quilter said...

What do you mean I won't live long enough to use up my stash??? I thought that was why we built up huge stashes...kinda guaranteeing a very long, actively quilting life!!! Oh dear!!!