Sunday, May 18, 2014

Today's Binky Patrol meeting

 My talk at the Block of the Month last Saturday really helped.  Look at all of the helpers I had today.  8 people came to help sew and another 5 came to help cut fabric.  How awesome is that?
 We had lots of projects to choose from.  There were rag squares already cut from the last quilt day and some hexagons and triangles.
 Some were pressing fabric and sorting cut pieces.
 Of course, the Accuquilt Studio was a big hit.  Everyone love to check out how it works.
 I love the juxtaposition of old machine vs. brand new machine and experienced quilter vs. brand new, never sewn a stitch, but going to make something because it looks so fun quilter.
 This is Jenny, my "adopted" daughter.  She was a freshman in my class my first year teaching high school.  She just got this sewing machine on Friday and now teaches math at my high school.  I tried to tell her math is stupid and she should teach science, but she would have none of that.  She was on my husband's tennis team and was his TA in high school and babysat my kids.  She practically lived in my house when growing up and throughout college.  She asked her mom to teach her to sew.  Her mom sewed all of her sister's costumes for dance and all of Jenny's dresses for her piano recitals.  She is an amazing seamstress.  She now is one of my Binky Buddies and can sew a quilt top in about 10 minutes, no joking.  She has an industrial sewing machine and it goes really, really fast!  Her mom told her no way.  You see, Jenny has the attention span of a flea. :)  She jumps from one hobby to the next in about 2 days.  Her mom thinks she will give up on sewing by next weekend so didn't want to take the time to sit down with her.  SO, I invited her to some sew with us today.  She was so proud of herself for sewing 4 strips together.  She makes me laugh!
 And this little cutie had the most fun with the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter.  She is 4 and could roll that thing like nobody's business.  If you are considering getting one of these things, but are wondering if it is hard to use, take it from my new friend, it's a breeze.  She was so excited to see what she had cut!  And she kept us hopping, that's for sure.  We couldn't load it fast enough.  She kept telling us she was ready for the next one.  There were three of us loading dies and trying to keep up with her.  She will sleep well tonight!

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