Saturday, May 3, 2014

leftover binding strips

What do you do with leftover bits of binding?  You've probably seen the jelly roll race quilts.  If not, do a google search and there's a ton of tutorials and videos on making them.  Basically, you buy a jelly roll, which is a precut pack of 2 1/2 inch inch by width of fabric bundle of fabric that has 40 strips of fabric in it.  Then, you sew them end to end.  Start sewing all those pieces together to make a quilt.

Well, better than paying money for a quilt, why not use up all of the leftover pieces of binding you have cut.  Not only do you save all of those leftover pieces of fabric, but you also have a memory quilt from all of the projects you've made over the years.  Of course, you may take longer to collect leftover binding pieces than I do.

With the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter, at out last quilt day, we put all of the pieces that were too small for anything else on the 2 1/2 inc strip die and then sewed all of those pieces together into a quilt top.  This one was made from leftover binding pieces that have been piling up in my quilting room over the past year or so, but there's another quilt top floating around made from the little pieces we cut.  We don't waste anything around here, that's for sure!

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