Monday, May 19, 2014

Quidditch anyone?

So Quidditch is a game college kids play where they run around with a PVC stick between their legs, like a broom stick and they have a ball at the bottom of a sock tucked in the back of their shorts, hanging down, like in flag football, and they try to knock a dodgeball out of each other's arms while grabbing the small ball in the sock from the one team member's shorts while taking the dodgeball all the way down the field and throwing it through the hoop at the end of the field.  All this time while not falling and stabbing themselves with the PVC pipe broom.

Or, so I understand the rules anyways.  I've watched a tiny bit of the game played when my daughter went to the World Cup a few weeks ago.  It is Co Ed and the boys don't take it easy on the girls.  They will knock them down and hit the ball out of their hands and the girls are just as rough.  My daughter has the bruises to prove it.  And she loves every minute of it.

She was a tennis player in high school, but has really found her sport here.  Hey, as long as she's having fun and making friends and getting exercise I say way to go!  Just wish I could watch her.  I bet it is hilarious!

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