Tuesday, May 27, 2014

motivated to do more

 I got a message this morning from my friend who took quilts and dresses my friend made when she went to Rwanda last summer.

Recently Rwanda for justice had a restoration day. All of the girls who sought justice, compassion and healing were at the center for a ceremony. 
As part of the moving forward process they were each giving a new dress and a quilt . A new start. 
Each sewn lovingly by you and the binky group. You and your friends making a difference around the world. 

Sorry there are no pictures. They don't allow them near the victims .
 I rarely get pictures of the people who receive the quilts.  It's nice, but not necessary.  I can picture these girls who are rescued from slavery and prostitution and given a new life as they received their new dress and a quilt.  The dresses my friend made were for girls about age 10.  That makes me really sad, but really happy they have a new life now.
 Project Pearls is a group in the Philippines I found after the Typhoon last year.  I met the founder recently and was able to give her these quilts which she personally took and delivered to these mothers and babies.  You can see from the pictures the conditions these families live in.  Sometimes people ask me why I don't just donate locally.  I will always donate where there is a need.  I don't see how you could see these faces and say, 'sorry, you were born in the wrong country.'

 All of these mothers want what is best for their children, just like we do.

These pictures motivate me to work harder and get more done.  If you wonder sometimes if a little fabric and thread makes a difference, I can tell you that it does!

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