Thursday, May 8, 2014

so that's how

I know some of you have entered the Accuquilt Design contest and many have seen the complaints about the contest and the issues it's had.  I know I said I would stop complaining about how the contest was run, but I have been watching this one block getting hundreds of votes and started to wonder how it was possible.

I googled the name of the designer and found out he is the son of a very famous quilt designer.  From the web page, the famous designer, Judy Martin,  has designed more quilts than any other quilt designer in history.  Hmmm, wonder if she has a lot of followers?  I guess I never stood a chance.  Oh, well.  I guess I will stick with what I do best and just make quilts for kids.

 I also know there is cheating going on in the contest.

Some block designers have had their blocks posted by other people who claim they made the same exact block and then the original designer caught them and reported them.  Not just one or two people, but a whole bunch have had their designs stolen and used in the contest.  It's crazy what people will do to try and get ahead in this world.

I know I should just stop paying attention to the whole contest because every time I go back and check on my block and the other blocks in the contest, I get upset, but it's like a train wreck, I can't seem to look away.  I'm watching to see if they will change the rules and make things fair by having the judges do the actual judging or figure out that there is so much cheating going on that the contest really isn't helping their company.  Or, maybe they figure any publicity is good for business and just let it run its course.  Maybe they hope people lose interest in the whole thing and the cheaters go away.  I'm thinking the cheating will only get worse.

I should be spending my energy on making more quilts. This month has been off to a slow start.  The end of school is near and I've been especially tired at the end of the day.  I'm lucky to make it to the couch to just sit until dinner time.

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