Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm not normally a violent person...

but if I could kill my migraines, I'd chop them up really small, put them in the blender and blend until smooth. Pour them down the drain and wash them away into the ocean! They have really cut into my production these last couple of days.

Hubby says yesterday, it doesn't matter how bad you feel, you still quilt!

That's because I have a goal of 200 quilts before my vacation ends and now I'm behind. That makes me feel even worse! I can't give myself a break :( Which causes the migraine to get worse, or at least makes me worry which is a stupid thing because there is no quilt police to come and lock me up if I don't reach my goal. I just see time ticking away and the pile of quilt tops not getting any smaller. Ugh. The cycle continues.

Praying for a better day today. At least I don't have to be at work :)


Anonymous said...

When I have a migraine, I am down for the count..... and the sooner I take the medicine the better. But if I don't STOP and bury my head, rest and let my body unwind, so that the brain chemistry can have a chance to equalize, I would never get rid of the migraines. Too, after about 17 hours I am ready to kill myself or at least pound my head against the wall..... one day I realized this ain't workin'. So started giving myself permission to just "check out" and heal.

Tonya said...

You may need a week off. Just to do nothing!

rubyslipperz said...

I'm sooo sorry you have migraines. =( I've only had a dozen really bad headaches in my 58 years...and I just wanted someone to hit me with a baseball bat to make it go away.

What a great lady... YOU ARE! giving the dies to Tonya at Hillbilly.

=) new follower =)

Pattilou said...

Oh, I remember those days. I hope by now your migraine is gone!