Monday, June 6, 2011

Batting at

I was waiting for yesterday to come ever since the JoAnn flyer came in the mail. You see, there is a 50% coupon in there and it started yesterday. I bought a 50 yard roll of batting from about 2 weeks ago and while it is very thin batting, it is perfect for all of the quilts I have been quilting for Japan and for all of the local Binkies I make. So, yesterday I used the coupon and got 50 yards of batting for under $40 including shipping and tax! Wow, less than $1 a yard and I can crank these quilts out guilt free :) I love it!

Then, I thought I wonder if I can use the coupon again? Nope, wouldn't let me, but there is another online coupon, so I ordered another roll of batting using the online 50% coupon. 100 yards of batting is heading my way. That's about 70 quilts give or take.

If you want to order some batting (for me or you!) here's the link to the batting I ordered. If you don't have the flyer, the coupon code for online is on the home page (LWF162)

kodel batting 50 yard roll

You can send the batting to me at
Marilyn Lewis
425 Kirby Ct
Vacaville Ca

I promise to use it up quickly :)


Wendy said...

:) You are too good! I have my 50% coupon sitting here ... but I'm truly sorry, I've got tops waiting for the batting, so I've got to use my own mailing address ... thank you for sharing and Happy Stitching!!

Pam said...

I think we call this enabling! Just kidding. I think I may order some of this in a little heavier loft. This batting has mixed reviews and you said it is thin. Thanks for the coupon code and heads up!